Why should you consider custom clubs?

Media is pushing today’s golfer to buy the biggest and best and usually most expensive equipment available. If you’re like me, you watch Youtube reviews and read golf-related articles. Most of the media is fair and reasonable; however, as with all advertising, it’s sell, sell, sell! If you haven’t noticed the average price for a driver has passed $500 now for the top 4 manufacturers, and a premium putter is $400+. The only question a golfer should think, “Is this product going to help my game?”

The short answer is “No,” “No, it will not save you strokes.” Unless they are suitably fit clubs, that suits your swing.

I have fit hundreds of golfers and can tell you; I would never doubt the improvement golfers, of all levels, can experience. As with all things, buyer beware! Finding a talented fitter you can trust is a little bit like finding a car salesperson or tax guy you trust. Personal recommendations and past experiences are the best way to find the right fitter for you.

Education is the basis for any learned skill, whether that skill is learned by doing or by learning specific knowledge that applies to your trade. A great fitter not only needs to physically fit as many as people as possible to hone the craft, but they should also immerse themselves into the data. An excellent resource for anyone interested in getting fit is TXG: Tour Experience Golf; they have a fantastic YouTube channel.

Now that you’re informed. The basic idea of the fitting is to find a club that works with your swing so that you don’t have to adapt. Much like you adjust a car seat when you borrow someone else’s car, it’s not because you are an F1 driver, it just makes things easier.

So please comment about good or bad fitting experiences. If you have any questions for our fitters, we would love to answer any questions you may have.

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  1. Robert Nava
    Robert Nava says:

    I would disagree with this. I try to use several analagies to get the importance of fitting explained. I usually use the example of driving a car. If you have a buddy that is 4 inches taller than you and you borrow their car, you will adjust mirrors and the seat. It’s most likely that you are not a professional race car driver, however it helps make things easier and more convenient. Paying for a custom service at a high end club builder will probably be an unnecessary expense, but brands like Mizuno, Srixon and Callaway make ordering custom clubs very easy and no additonal cost.

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