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How vital is the golf ball you play?

If you know anything about golf, you have heard the name Titleist. They have a worldwide billion-dollar ad campaign that tells you they are the best golf ball in the world. If you watch an ad or open any golf magazine, you will see the best players in the world smiling with a Pro V1 […]

What makes a golf course?

Some people live for the specific sounds or smells of their first love. That sport that drew you in before those evil hormones complicated your life. It could be the thing that you loved to do with a parent. Rooting for their favorite team, that is now your favorite team. Spending Sunday morning detailing the […]

Maintenance during Shutdown

On March 24th, Tulare County required us to close regardless of all the protocols we instituted to keep everyone safe. The debate on whether or not golf courses should be essential is open to conversation. We are biased at the golf course, but our answer is YES! That Monday started like most of the days […]

Does cutting trees take the teeth out of a golf course?

We are working on several new and exciting things at the golf course, and I never know what to blog. New tech, new equipment, new renovations all seem exciting. I spend most of my days pushing paper and talking with the golfers to make sure we hear their excitement and their concerns. Recently we have […]

Is a launch monitor neccessary?

How important is launch monitor data? All the pundits on Golf Channel and YouTube try to sell us on the idea that we can’t be a good golfer without data. You will never hit it long or straight unless you know your AoA (Angle of Attack) or your FTPR (Face to Path Ratio) or any […]

Is golf too expensive for our youth to learn?

The Value of Golf With the holidays upon us and the New Year right around the corner, everyone I know is counting the money we have for the small things in life. As biased as I am about golf, even I have to freely admit that golf is a luxury, not a necessity. My only […]