Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

What do lessons cost?

Do you provide custom fittings for golf clubs?

Are your monthly rates 30 day rates or 1st to 30th?

All our rates are from the day you start. If you purchase a membership on the 12th of January it is good until the 12th of February.

Tulare County closed the course, what happens to my membership?

All memberships are paused as of Tuesday, March 24th. We will renew all memberships based on days remaining on the contract. If you have 13 days left as of the 24th we will add 13 days from the day we reopen the course.

Is the driving range open during the closure?

Unfortunately we can not allow anyone on the course due to County restrictions. We ask anyone wanting to come out to the course to refrain due to fear of penalty or fine.

How quickly can I get my clubs regripped?

We can usually take care of one or two clubs while you wait. If you have a whole set to regrip, we ask for no more than 48 hours to get it taken care of. Yes we are doing club work while the course is closed. Call for appointment, or send us a message at Contact Us

Why does the course charge a single rider premium if we can not pair up?

It is important to realise that Tulare Golf Course is a privately owned business and the cost of doing business does not change, even during a pandemic. We are also adding labor intensive measures to make sure all carts are clean and sanatized. We simply can not afford to run carts and accept a standard single rider fee. The only other option is to not allow carts out at all, and this didn’t seem fair to our senior golfers.

If I am interested in working at Tulare Golf Course, how do I apply?

We post all job openings for the golf course and restaurant on You can apply directly at that website. If you would like to inquire directly with the course or restaurant you can contact the course at 559.686.5300 or the 9 Iron Bar & Grill.