The times they are a-changing, we are in a very unique and strange moment in the nation’s history. In a time when we are incredibly divided and struggle to find common ground, additional issues feel more extreme.

Friends and family are standing on either side of an invisible wall, a wall that dictates what “group” with which you identify. The barrier has never been real and should have been dispelled years ago with simple common sense and logic. Our news and leadership work better when we behave by their doctrines and don’t think critically.

You may be thinking, “What the heck does this have to do with a golf course?”, “What about the fresh air and sunlight?”

It’s a natural correlation if you push past all the disinformation. The CDC, WHO, and several other international health organizations recommend fresh air, exercise and sunlight to help combat anxiety, cabin fever, and all other stressors at this time.

We have over 160 acres of wide-open space and don’t allow groups larger than 5 to play at the same time. These are within all guidelines of “social distancing” and great for mood stabilization. We sanitize the carts after each use and have removed as many common contact points on the course as possible. We have lifted our cups to prevent people from reaching in to get the ball. We also removed ball washers and sand trap rakes to stop multiple people from touching them.

It’s never okay to try and “survive” your way through life. It’s called life because you are supposed to LIVE, and just surviving isn’t good enough. Several counties in California agree with us and have designated golf courses “essential business.” That means no shut down until the most extreme circumstances.

Over this weekend, people blessed us with smiling golfers of all ages. Several have cheered our desire to stay open, and we continue to offer a way for them to unwind. I saw a father and his two daughters on the driving range for the first time. We spoke quickly; he was so happy to get his kids out of the house and give his wife quiet time alone at home.

We all must make the decisions that work best for ourselves and our families, however, don’t let fear make your decisions for you. I have volunteers and employees that don’t feel comfortable coming to work, and we support their choices. I have even more employees and volunteers offering to come in whenever they are needed.