From the Desk of the GM, April

Twenty plus years of working at the Tulare Golf Course has seen plenty of change. As Superintendent, we have rebuilt greens, changed tee boxes, planted, and cut down trees. In September 2017, I was chosen to lead the golf course into its new life.
As some of you may know, the Faria family took over, and the slow, methodical change of the previous owners became fueled by frenetic energy. Slowing the improvements that are required to meet the new standard is much like catching lightning in a bottle. Even that intense need for development has ground to a halt under the current environment.
As we continue to work within the system to get golf in Tulare County back, we are fighting a losing battle. A single person at the Tulare County Board of Health has decided that we can not social distance, and get exercise at any golf course in Tulare County.
Regardless of the reports providing procedures making golf safe, and recommendations from the CDC and WHO that identify fresh air and exercise as a good thing during this pandemic, we are forced to stay closed.
From more biased sources, you can see The National Golf Foundation and the Northern California Golf Association using their platforms to spread creative ideas. Each idea to prevent cross-contamination and help us all use common sense to both play safely and also help flatten the curve. We are not New York; we are not Los Angeles; their procedures do not have to be ours.
Some of our local politicians understand our call to common sense and are trying to help get all golf courses in Tulare County open. If you would like to thank them for their help in our struggle or tell them why golf is essential to you, please email them using the following links: Pete Vander Poel III – Supervisor District II or Amy Shuklian – Supervisor District III, remember Pete and Amy are on our side, and trying to help
If you would like to help our Supervisors, let the Board of Health know that golf should be essential.
Here is a link to the potential procedures we will use when we reopen.
COVID-19 Procedures
Until the day comes that we can reopen to the public, we are working hard to keep the course in shape. Every golf course is a continually growing, living entity that can not remain healthy if ignored. The management team are currently the only people allowed on the course for fear of fines and other punishments from the Tulare County Board of Health. We used this unique opportunity to aerate the greens on March 28-29, and also did a small drill and fill on March 30-31l. Both of these procedures create space in the soil to let the grassroots breathe and grow, so hopefully, they will be in the best condition they have ever been this summer.
Before being closed, we were using the colder weather to our advantage. We have removed dozens of trees, both pistachio, and eucalyptus. That means we have more wood than we will use. The wood is free for anyone to come and take. It’s not finished cut, so you will need a chainsaw and very long trailer to take it, but it is at no charge.