Golf Carts

  1. Single riders are allowed at single rider premium rate
  2. Families, Households and those who traveled together are allowed to pair
  3. Carts available based on first come basis
  4. Each cart receives a disinfecting wash after use


Golf Course

  1. Use Social distancing before, during or after your round, including the parking lot
  2. No bunker rakes on course
  3. Play bunkers as ground under repair
  4. Smooth any footprints as best as possible with feet
  5. No ball washers on the course, this common touchpoint was removed to prevent cross-contamination


  1. Leave pins in during putting, prevent cross-contamination
  2. Cups have covers to prevent ball entering the whole cup
  3. Putt to the cup, ball will sink a half ball deep
  4. Anyone removing the flag or changing the cup set up shall be escorted from the course
  5. Do not pick up other players ball or markers


  1. Pro Shop staff will wear gloves during transactions
  2. Players will maintain a minimum of 6 feet of space while waiting, lines are marked
  3. Sanitization of the Pro Shop is required at least every 30 minutes

Driving Range

  1. Hitting bays have increased area between each bay
  2. Simple Green is used to clean all golf balls
  3. Each Basket is sanitized after use